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Ekim Ekiz

Graduate Student

Graduate Student




Department of Mechanical Engineering
Bilkent University
06800 Bilkent, Ankara

Biography & Research Interests

Ekim is currently pursuing her M. Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering at Bilkent University. Her research is mainly concerned with exploring and modeling the behavior of materials under various loading conditions through the use of theoretical and computational methods. In particular, she is working on Continuum-Kinematics-Inspired Peridynamics, a relatively new, non-local continuum formulation, with a focus on thermo-mechanically coupled problems. She enjoys gaming in her spare time, along with spending time with her two pets, her dog and her cat. 


2020 -- Present

2016 - 2020

2012 -- 2016

M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering,

Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey 

B. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering,

Bilkent University, Ankara,  Turkey

TED Ankara College Foundation Private High School,

Ankara, Turkey

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